AMP Electric was founded in 1991 by Matvey Pushin with one van, some power tools, and a dream to provide for his family by doing something he enjoyed. Originally jobs were small but sufficient, residence remodeling and A/C hook-ups. The company grew the next year, as the first employee was hired. As the company grew so did the size of jobs it was able to take on. Large projects such as million dollar homes and medical facilities were undertaken.

Also the geographic area began to grow, jobs as far south as Los Alamitos and as far north as Northridge. But because of the housing boom of mid to late nineties a majority of the projects were in the Santa Monica, Brentwood and Beverly Hills area.

As the need arose more people were hired, and more vehicles were purchased. Currently there is almost twenty employees and fleet is made up of 4 vans and 1 SUV. The company is growing slowly but surely. We are looking forward to more challenging projects ahead.



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